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The Old Timey Fall Festival on Burnsville's beautiful Town Square, is just that, a good old fashioned local Festival. The Yancey History Association will host this event and invites everyone near and far to come out and be a part of this wonderful fun-filled day.

The theme of the festival is always "Old Timey". This annual event is used to invite heritage-crafters to come out and demonstrate the old timey methods of producing their crafts so that the younger generations can see how their ancestors made these wonderful items. In the past there have been basket-makers, yarn spinners, corn grinders, beekeepers, candle makers, quilters, rug makers and many others demonstrating how they produce their heritage-craft. This year there'll be all of these vendors and more demonstrating and selling their wares.

YHA is the parent organization for the Rush Wray Museum of Yancey History. Built in the 1840’s by John Wesley McElroy, the house served as the headquarters for the Home Guard in the later part of the War between the states under the command of Brigadier General John W. McElroy. The museum houses our collections, beginning with our pre-history, represented by a large collection of Indian artifacts. We also show Civil War history, local family life and much more through regularly scheduled living history events and daily tours. The Lloyd Bailey Annex houses our office, genealogy library, veteran’s Hall of Honor, mineral, medical collections, and other displays including a museum gift shop.

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